Doggie Boutique Re-Opens After Raid

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The 'Doggie Boutique' grooming service is back open for business, but they have strict guidelines to follow if they plan on staying open. 

Officials at Odessa Animal Control say the owner of 'Doggie Boutique' Evelyn Becker has cleaned up the place and fixed all the fire hazard problems she was initially cited for. 

Now they're giving her a second chance at keeping her business open. Authorities say the mice issue is still not completely resolved, but they are giving Beckner a chance to take care of it. 

As for the dogs that were taken out of the 'Doggie Boutique' during the raid, all 18 of them are now home with their owners. 

Odessa Animal Control says animal cruelty charges were never placed on Beckner.