School Officials and Tax Payers Talk About Bond Issue

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

SHEFFIELD - The Iraan-Sheffield Independent School District is pleading with tax payers to pass a $15 million bond, but some think they're asking too much.

On Tuesday night, tax payers and the district met face to face to discuss the bond in hopes of finding common ground.

The school district knew they had to make their case because tax payers killed the last few bonds they brought to election.

More than 70 people filled the Eastside Community Center in Sheffield to discuss the $15 million bond, and the school district did its best to appeal to voters' pocket books and hearts.

They claim with low interest rates and the economy the district can get the best bang for its buck, and they asked voters to pass the bond claiming the schools are just not up to snuff.

"The idea here is safe and modern schools," Superintendent, Kevin Allen said. "We believe we have to have them, but we can't do it by ourselves. We can't. We have to have your help."

The district provided a list of things that need to be renovated, it was just over four pages long front to back.

All the schools and nearly every building in the district needs to undergo some form or renovation.

Some of the plans include completely replacing the water sewer and gas lines as well as extensive technology upgrades.

Most people in the audience admit something needs to be done but one citizen says he's not happy with the price tag.

"I'm not against the bond," Local Resident, Tommy Greer said. "I think the school needs some real serious attention. My problem is I was told like three months ago the bond issue would be like $8 million and 90 days passed and it went from 8 million to 15 million plus $5 million in interest. Some of the stuff they're repairing will probably be worn out again in 15 years. I think they need to shoot for a 10 year program, get the $8 million and then come back again and get some more."

The district says two consultants helped it reach the $15 million mark, and the superintendent said if they don't need the full amount, they'll only take how much they need from tax payers.

The bond is set to come to a vote in just over two weeks on Saturday, May 8th.