Brewster County Residents Worried After Not Receiving Their Census Form

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

BREWSTER COUNTY - Phones are ringing and emails are coming in from Brewster County citizens concerned about the census.

County Commissioner Kathy Killingsworth told NewsWest Nine, she's spoken to many people, even some in Alpine, who haven't received a census packet.

Brewster County already has a low return rate and Killingsworth fears the county and schools won't get the funding they need if those forms aren't filled out.

The census bureau in Midland says it doesn't know why people haven't received their survey, but census workers will start knocking on doors soon to try and get everyone counted.

It's not too late to call and request a form mailed to your home or P.O. Box.

You can also call and have someone help you fill out the form over the phone.

You can go to or you can call 1-866-872-6868 to have someone help you fill out your census form over the telephone.