Residents at One Midland Apartment Complex Homeless in the Blink of an Eye

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Evicted from their apartment homes a group of Midland families started looking for a new place to live on Tuesday.

The company that owns the apartment complex is bankrupt and didn't pay the bills so Fire Marshals told them they had to pack their things and leave immediately.

With no electricity, the residents of Cedar Elm Apartments were racing the sun.

"They told us to take as much as we can because they're probably going to vandalize and take our little belongings," Rosalind Spears said.

"If they're listening," Teresa Campbell said. "Send us our money ASAP."

Campbell says she's angry, almost too angry to talk.

Campbell just moved in a few months ago, with her grandson and her fiancé, after her house burned down.

"It's really bad," she said. "It's sad that someone would force you to move out of a place that you call home and not to tell you where you can go and not to give you your rent money back or deposit."

A notice on the front door is how people at Cedar Elm Apartments found out their lives were going to change last Tuesday when they learned they had to find a new home.

In a letter to tenants, Dominguez Hills Investment Group blamed the economy and back rent payments for their financial troubles.

The company says it will try to repay the April rent some tenants paid and deposit fees, but Campbell and Spears doubt they'll see their money.

"It's just a hoax," Campbell said. "I think they knew a couple of months back that they were going to be closing down this place. And they just took our rent money and led us to believe that we would have somewhere to live and it's just not true."

Midland County's Crisis Intervention Unit is putting them up at the Bradford Inn for 4 days, but that doesn't ease the sting of homelessness.

"My rent is paid, my water bill is paid," Spears said. "If they knew they were going to close it, why would they take our rent and out water bill? So we have no where to go."