'Doggie Boutique' Owner Facing Citations After Recent Raid

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa Animal Control officials say 'Doggie Boutique' was not a safe or healthy environment for animals, so they seized all 18 of the dogs that were in the building; now the business owner is fighting back.

Evelyn Beckner has owned the grooming business for 6 years, but after complaints of animal abuse and unsanitary conditions, Odessa Animal Control has temporarily closed the doors at 'Doggie Boutique,' but Evelyn Beckner is doing all she can to keep her business going.

"This is my livelihood, this is how I make my living, how I take care of my kids. I don't have a high school education, this was passed down to me. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't care," Beckner said.

After prior customer complaints in 2009, Odessa Animal Control authorities decided to make an inspection at 'Doggie Boutique' leading them to seize all 18 of the animals.

"There have been employee mishaps. One felt the dog needed more water, another reported a dog falling off the table, and then the case where the dog died in the cage with a dryer," Cheryl Brom of Odessa Animal Control, said.

Authorities say the condition of the place was another reason the animals were seized.

"It seemed like there wasn't a good drainage in there to get animal waste out. Those things need to be resolved, all it was doing was spreading and attracting roaches and mice. We can take the animals and cite them, but you can't just shut a business down," Brom said.

Authorities says if any of the dogs seized from the grooming business are yours, contact the Odessa Animal Control for arrangements on how to get your pet back.