Suspect Arrested for Robbing Elderly Men in Hobbs

HOBBS - Hobbs Police have arrested a man for attempting to rob an elderly man last week.

25-year-old Jeremy Vaughn of Lovington was arrested around 4:45 Monday evening for Attempted Robbery and a Probation Violation.

Police say last Thursday, Vaughn knocked on the door of a home and told the resident he had ran out of gas and asked to use the phone. After using the phone, Vaughn demanded the elderly man hand over his wallet. After a brief struggle, Vaughn ran for the home without the wallet.

Another similar attempted robbery of an elderly man took place an hour later. Police say another attempted robbery of an elderly man was also reported Saturday.

HPD would like to warn residents to never open their doors to people they do not know and never let someone into your home that you do not know.