EZ Rider General Manager Leaves as Debt Issue Surfaces

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

It has been a bumpy ride for EZ Rider this week, they're in the red and now the general manager is also saying goodbye.

EZ Rider General Manager Edward Esparza is saying good-bye, but according to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the company who's in charge of running EZ Rider says they plan to put him in a different position.

The company says his replacement is expected to step in on June 1.

On top of that, EZ Rider is $170,000 in the hole.

The budget deficit could be attributed to a drop in state and federal funding by more than $200,000, not to mention more than $90,000 in overtime pay.

The Midland Reporter Telegram also reported that some board members also think poor management could have contributed to the problem.

NewsWest Nine called and left messages for Esparza as well as board members, but none of our calls were returned.