Big Spring Store Helping to Raise Money for the Big Spring State Hospital

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - During these tough economic times, a group of Big Spring volunteers are trying to help others with a thrift store.

Not only are they raising money for the state hospital, but they're also giving the community some good deals for their hard-earned money.

What started off as a garage sale to help the State Hospital kept growing and growing, now it has turned into a busy shop in downtown Big Spring.

"It's a service for people to drop things off, don't put them in the dump. People buy the items at a reasonable price, Volunteer, Ruth Nanny, said.

Ruth has been a volunteer for close to 15 years, and all of her time has been dedicated to Chalet Store.

It's a shop that sells second items, and all the money raised goes to the patients at the State Hospital.

"It goes to buy whatever needs to be for the patients to make their stay at the hospital is more comfortable and to make the outside world function better," Nanny said.

The volunteers at the Chalet are all trying to raise money for a big project at the State Hospital.

"The family visitation, we are planning on building two of those for the families, so they can come and visit their family members and have more privacy," said Nanny.

But the shop not only helps the state hospital, it also lends a hand to the entire community with clothes at affordable prices.

"I love it, we can afford it at these prices. Clothes we buy here, my church clothes, I love it. This is my favorite store for poor people like me," Chalet shopper, Lupe Loyola said.

To many customers, it's more than just a thrift store.

"I wasn't coming to a thrift store, my mom brought me here and I kind of fell in love with the place," Chalet shopper, James Pope, said.

Volunteers say the prices, the space and the atmosphere separates them from other stores around town.