Charges Dismissed Against Former Eunice Fire Chief

EUNICE, N.M. (AP) - A magistrate has dismissed felony charges against former Eunice Fire Department Chief Ron Grogan, but prosecutors say they'll charge him again.

Grogan had faced charges of burglary, conspiracy and tampering with evidence. The magistrate also dismissed a conspiracy to tamper with evidence charge against Fire Department Capt. Dustin Lord on Thursday during a hearing to see if charges would be sent to district court. Magistrate Lemma White says there wasn't enough evidence to merit trials.

Grogan was fired Dec. 29 after he and other firefighters were arrested on charges stemming from the alleged theft of a radar detector from a wrecked vehicle at an accident.

Assistant District Attorney Dianna Luce says prosecutors intend to refile charges against Grogan, but have not decided about Lord's case.