No Census Forms for Forsan Residents

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Frustration in Forsan, not one person there has received a Census questionnaire.

But the government isn't purposely ignoring them, there's a reason why people living in Forsan didn't get a form in the mail.

The problem for residents in Forsan is that they don't have a physical address, all of them have PO Boxes so the forms were never delivered.

"Apparently we are not here, we no longer exist. The government has decided that they are gonna let us go," one Forsan resident said.

"We live in Forsan and we have a PO Box and I guess it's confusing to the Government," another Forsan resident, said.

It's not that residents in Forsan don't count, the government doesn't deliver census questionnaire's to P.O. boxes.

"We don't do P.O. Boxes. We hand deliver by mail or individuals. The reason being we count people where they live, where they sleep," Census Specialist, Charlene Romero, said.

A few years back, Forsan went from mailboxes to PO boxes and didn't notify the Census office. Census officials say it's a common in mistake in rural areas.

"Now in 2000, they did receive mail. The hand delivery change wasn't reported, they were still listed as hand deliverable," Romero said.

But there's no need to worry, residents in Forsan will be counted in May when someone comes knocking on their door.