State Senator Kel Seliger Seeking Report on Veteran's Home Abuse Cases

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The indictment of two former employees at the veteran's home in Big Spring has the attention of State Senator Kel Seliger.

He wants answers and not just about the Lamun-Lusk-Sanchez home but a veteran's home in Amarillo, which is also in his district.

In an interview with KBST radio on Tuesday morning, Seliger said quick action by the state was crucial whenever our veterans are not receiving the care that they deserve.

NewsWest 9 first told you about the indictments against Bryson Vanderbilt and Connie Mae Johnson last week.

The allegations of abuse date back to 2007 at the Lamun-Lusk-Sanchez home in Big Spring.

Seliger wants an immediate report on these veterans' homes from the Department of Aging and Disability Services to find out how the veterans are being treated.

The Senator says it's not just about abuse, he wants to make sure veterans are getting the best care available.

KBST conducted a full interview with the Senator and provided NewsWest 9 with part of it.

The Senator says he plans to speak with someone from the Department of Aging and Disability Services as early as Tuesday.

As for Vanderbilt and Johnson, if they're convicted on these indictments, they could face twenty years in prison.