Pharmacies Busy Over Allergy Medications

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Runny nose, itchy eyes or a scratchy throat; it's all signs of your allergies taking over, but you're not the only one suffering. The lines are long at local pharmacies with people desperate for a remedy.

"Get ready for the wind, it's so dusty because we get dust storms a lot and we don't get as much rain but when we do, it's never enough," Midland Resident, Gina Puckett, said.

Allergy attacks are constant battle for many people in West Texas; all compliments of pollen, dust and pollution.

"The season is changing, flowers are blooming, a lot of pollen in the air so we see a lot of allergy problem," Graham's Pharmacy Employee, Julio Castillo, said.

Graham's Pharmacy in Midland has been selling more allergy medications than anything else.

"We've actually been dispensing a lot of the nasal sprays actually two times more than usual," Castillo said.

"My son's sick with the allergies, and now has a sore throat. I think the wind brought it in," Puckett said.

No matter what the remedy, some people say West Texas allergies seem to stick around a lot longer than usual.

"It seems to last all year. Just when you think you're getting better, it's back again," Puckett said.

Remember to always consult your doctor before taking any form of allergy medication, especially when treating young children.