Cemetery Confusion in Coahoma

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

COAHOMA - A case of cemetery confusion in Coahoma. Some plots are overlapping and others were almost sold, even after someone had already been buried there.

NewsWest 9 spoke to a man in Coahoma who says he was almost sold a plot that was already bought by someone else.

On top of that, that plot is overlapping two others where his family members are buried. Now, the city is trying to sort it all out.

"About a year ago, I came out here and was looking where to be buried somewhere next to my grandparents," Coahoma Resident, Thomas Camarillo, said.

That's when Camarillo went to the city to see if he could buy a plot next to his family.

"They were trying to sell me a plot that was already sold where people have already been buried," Camarillo said.

But that wasn't the only problem, the already sold plot is overlapping the ones owned by his grandparents.

"Next to my granddad, they resold part of his plot and part of another one," Camarillo said.

City officials tell NewsWest 9, they are trying to get their records straight.

They say someone else was running the Cemetery before it was given to them and they didn't mark the graves that were sold.

City officials also tell NewsWest 9 that at one point people were just going out and barring people wherever they wanted.

The city says they have an engineer who will go in and see what plots are occupied and which aren't.

In the meantime, Camarillo is worried that the plot he did buy could have been sold out from under him.

"My concern right now is this keeps happening and people pay for plots and end up over other people's graves that have been buried," Camarillo said.

The City of Coahoma is asking people to come forward and give them any information they have on who is buried in the graves.