Hobbs Residents React to Second Shooting on Their Street in Two Weeks

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NM--Hobbs police are trying to figure out why a teen shot and killed his mom's boyfriend.  Neighbors tell NewsWest 9, they're still in shock.

"They killed a good man.  This community lost a good man and it's wrong," one neighbor, who asked that we not reveal his identity, said.

He was the one who called 911 around 10:00p.m. Tuesday night.  He says he knew Darnell Mitchell well and he knows gunshots when hears them.

He said walked out into Palace Street to find Mitchell's girlfriend, crying over his body, "I walked out to see if I could assist him but when I walked up to him, I realized he had a gunshot wound to the head.  Basically, he was dead on the spot.  They blew his brains out."

For Madaleine Bryant, curiosity got the best of her when she and her family heard the shots too.

"I heard a loud boom and after I got up, I heard some commotion going, so I went to the door and looked out and I saw the lady over her husband's body, crying and hollering, 'he's dead.'  'He killed my man or something to that effect,'" Bryant commented.

Police say 17-year-old Michael Evans, Jr., was caught up in an argument with Mitchell that somehow spiraled out of control.

According to Hobbs Police Officer Mike Stone, "Domestic situations like this one (Tuesday) night, they're really volatile.  They're violent, occasionally because people's emotions are involved."

Given the circumstances and what's been going on in Hobbs, just this year alone, residents say it's time for a change.

"This killing needs to stop in this town.  These leaders need to get together and stop this killing.  This is the fourth one in this town.  It's not right.  It can't go on," Mitchell's neighbor from across the street, said.

Officer Stone says this last incident was a domestic disturbance and residents have nothing to worry about, "In these type of cases, usually the people know each other.  I want the citizens to remain confident in the safety of our community because these are not random acts of violence."

Some NewsWest 9 spoke to are taking precautions like locking their doors at all times.  Others are considering something a little more drastic, "I'm ready to pack my family up.  This was a family neighborhood.  This was a place where kids could play outside and enjoy themselves.  It's getting to be bad.  We need to stop this."