More People Cited For Illegal Puppy Sales

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - This past weekend officials at Midland Animal Services wrote nearly a dozen tickets to people they say were selling puppies illegally without a permit. 

"There are some that do it for business and it hurts us, it hurts the animals and those who are reputable breeders," Paul O'Neil with Midland Animal Services, said.

Finding a litter of puppies for sale at a corner parking lot is becoming a hot spot to get that new puppy, but Animal Control officials say it may not be as good a deal as you might think.

"It's not good, they're not educating buyers about the animals, and most times they sell sick animals," O'Neil said.

Midland Animal Services officials say what most people fail to remember is that it's illegal to sell puppies and kittens without a valid permit, and that permit comes with some strict guidelines.

"The main ones is that all animals sold must be spayed/neutered, they must have all their shots, and inspected by Animal Services," O'Neil said.

Other organizations like the Lone Star SPCA says they're glad to hear that people are getting citations for making illegal sales.

"I'm really glad they passed that law. It's a shame that a lot of puppies they sell are sick or sometimes stolen," Kirk French with the Lone Star SPCA, said.

Authorities say sellers can get into more trouble over the condition of the animals they're selling.

"If they're sitting there without water or food, we can charge them with animal cruelty," O'Neil  said.

Selling puppies without a permit is a Class C Misdemeanor. If you see anyone selling animals illegally, you're asked to call Midland Animal Services.