CAF Reaches Agreement with Airpower Museum

MIDLAND - The feud that has been brewing between the Commemorative Air Force and the American Airpower Heritage Museum seems to be cooling off.

The CAF announced Friday that it has reached an agreement with the Airpower Museum and will drop its lawsuit against it.

"We are very pleased with the settlement," Stephan Brown, CAF President and CEO, said in a news release. "The CAF membership retains control of the CAF Airpower Museum, as it has since the museum was established over 20 years ago."

Details of the settlement are confidential, but the CAF says American Airpower Heritage Museum Board President Gordon Stevenson and four other museum board members who are not members of the CAF General Staff have resigned.

"Now that the museum's status and assets are secured, we can go forward in a unified direction and get back to the mission that we have pursued for over 50 years, that of honoring American military aviation through our flying aircraft and our nationally accredited museum here in Midland," Brown said.

The CAF sued the museum after the museum elected board members who were not on the CAF general staff as stipulated in the museum's bylaws.