Parks Legado Town Center Will Boost Local Economy

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - As NewsWest 9 first told you on Tuesday, construction is set to begin on a town center that will bring more than just shopping, dining and business to West Texas.

One of the main roads for it is already built.  It's called Parks Legado Road. The word legado is Spanish for legacy.  Aside from everything Legado Town Center is bringing to the area, the Sewell family says it's the perfect way to honor and remember what was once The Parks Family Ranch.

"We wanted to absolutely honor the heritage and legacy the Parks family have had in contributing to this even becoming a reality," project spokesman Collin Sewell said.

68 acres of shopping, restaurants, recreation and much more will go up on Highway 191 between Faudree Road and Billy Hext.

"This is a town of very resilient people. This is a town that has seen boom and bust. My family has seen nearly five decades of that, in this town," Sewell said.

The Sewell family has been weighing the pros and cons of bringing Parks Legado to Odessa for more than three years. Collin Sewell and his wife have seen similar things as they travel and wondered why Odessa didn't have the same thing.

"The great news about The Parks Legado Town Center is that it's going to give people another reason to be able to stay focused on buying in the basin," Sewell said.

With several construction projects going up in the area, you have to wonder, is the local economy stable enough to support so much growth?

"I think that the opportunity, for all of the retailers and all the people that are here, is still very good. I don't think there's a businessman in the community, that would be making these kinds of expansions, in any of these projects, if they didn't believe that there was great potential," Sewell said.

The Sewells want to get as much input on the project as possible. They're creating an interactive web site, where you can go and be a part of it all.  A link has been provided in this story.