Sarah Palin Speaks at Midland Event

MIDLAND - A large crowd gathered to hear former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin speak at the Commemorative Air Force in Midland Thursday.

Several hundred West Texans listened as Palin spoke about many of the same themes that were in the 2008 presidential campaign including God, guns and country. She also touched on energy needs and made comparisons between her home state of Alaska and West Texas.

Palin also told the crowd she disagreed with the recently passed healthcare reform legislation and thought it was wrong for the country.

People we spoke to said they thought Palin was a major force in American politics and would make a difference in the upcoming November elections even though she is not running for any office.

Palin will also attend a private dinner and fundraiser tonight in Midland at the Petroleum Club.

Video cameras were not allowed inside the event, but we were able to snap a few still pictures inside.