Grant Writer Paying Off in Big Spring

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It's been more than a year since Big Spring, Howard County, the school districts and Howard College pulled their resources in a move to get more federal money. They hired a person to do nothing, but look for grants and the effort is paying off.

"Within a year, we have had about 1.2 million dollars of grants that have come up with what she has been involved with they have varied through out the county," Howard College President, Cheryl Sparks, said.

The grant writer has helped everyone from the city to Howard College get the extra money that they need.

"It's a resourceful way to bring in additional revenue besides the taxing opportunity that would have," Sparks said.

Her job is to focus on Howard County and find grant money that could benefit each participating group, and everyone she serves has to pitch in for her salary. Her salary benefits and expenses total approximately $80,000.

"The larger entities pay more than the smaller ones. We try to look at that basis on size," Sparks said.

Officials say it is more efficient if she works for everyone and everyone shares the cost.

"The fact that so many small taxing entities don't have the funds to have a grant writer on their own. That's the reason we thought if we put our money together, it would be an effort initiative beneficial to the entire county," Sparks said.

The grant writer is currently working on additional resources for the school districts in Howard County and equipment for the Workforce Training Program at Howard College.