New Trail Causes Controversy in Alpine

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - The City of Alpine is working on a new plan to allow more people to enjoy the outdoors with a new hike and bike trail.

While many can't wait for all it has to offer, other residents still have lots of questions and concerns.

Possibly by the end of the year, Alpine will have one more way for people to enjoy its mountain views.

"It's a great quality of life improvement," Pete Smyke, Chairman of the Environmental Board, said. "Since we're also a tourist destination one of things people come here, they drop their bags at a hotel and head south to the park or North for Fort Davis and we'd like them to spend a little more time in Alpine. You know explore Alpine and quite frankly spend a little money here."

And one Councilwoman/business owner is excited to tell people about it.

"I have a lot of access to tourists and people that kind of come to the area and a huge question is: 'What is there to do here,'" Johanna Nelson said. "It's also an issue for the people who live here whether it's exercise or for kids to just have something to do after school."

The first phase of the Alpine Creek Trail starts in Medina Park and phase one of the project is already in full swing and it will go up for about a mile, but the city still has to raise enough funds before it can work on the second phase.

The next phase will extend from where the first part ends on and go all the way to Kokernot Park.

But some homeowners have a number of concerns.

"I went along with Mr. Smyke to talk to them and they had written out some questions and we gave it to the city manager," Nelson said. "So, we're definitely working on addressing them."

Some feel all of their questions concerning privacy, maintenance, safety and more haven't been answered.

But officials say they'll work closely with residents to make sure everyone will enjoy the new addition.