Alpine Marching Bucks D.C. Bound

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ALPINE - Alpine's Marching Bucks could be heading to Washington D.C. to represent Texas at the National Independence Day Parade this summer.

An honor the young musicians earned through hard work and dedication, but they still have a ways to go before they can jam at the capital.

After building itself up from a band of 13 to 78 in six years, sending musicians to state and just playing with heart some people thought it was time the Alpine Marching Bucks got some recognition.

And after seeing the band in action, D.C. agreed.

"(I was) elated," Chuck Wilson, Alpine's Director of Bands, said. "It was a very nice surprise."

"The opportunity that we've been given to go as a band," Drum Major Tony Moralez said. "That's just going to be an amazing experience."

But before they can worry about playing in the Nation's capitol, they have to get the money to get there.

The kids need to raise $85,000 to go to D.C. They've already raised about 80 percent of that, but they still need about $20,000 before they can go.

"We have been doing more fundraising than I ever imagined possible," Wilson said. "But I have a great set of parents and kids that have been working real hard and a very supportive community. So we've been able to get this far, we're just getting to the home stretch now."

Moralez said it feels like all of Alpine is behind them.

"It feels really great having the support that we need to go on this trip to make this happen," Moralez said. "It really makes us feel good."

He said when, not if, they raise all the money his band will be able to show everyone, the American Dream is still possible.

"Anything's possible," Moralez said. "And just because you're not the best of the best anywhere doesn't mean you can't do what you want to do."

So they'll not only do Texas proud, but small bands all over the country too.