New Computer Virus Infects Hundreds in the Permian Basin

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Almost all of us spend time on computers; whether at home or at work, but just how important is it to scan your computer for any possible viruses.

"Whether visiting games sites or Facebook or MySpace, you've got to be really careful with opening up anything on certain sites," Computer Owner, Rabon Bewley said.

A new virus is lurking through the web, infecting hundreds of computers in the Permian Basin. It's called Security Tool or Scareware, and it targets any computer logged on to the Internet.

"It comes in as an attached temp file, tells you have 50 infections and tries to clean it out and put itself in several different folders then infects it with more viruses," Best Buy Geek Squad Technician, Cecil Kelley said.

Technicians with the Best Buy Geek Squad say the virus activates within minutes of clicking on the link.

"We had one lady get charged $300 just for clicking it. It's very important to not click those links or they will have your information," Kelley said.

Computer technicians say while you might have an anti-virus program installed in your computer, the only way it can catch these viruses is if you run a full system scan at least once a day.

"I make sure anti-virus is up to date and never exchange vital information on my computer," Bewley said.

"Scan your computer as soon as you get off the Internet, but whatever you do never click on the link because it will infect your computer," Kelley said.