Teen Challenge Hero Tells His Story

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Deadly fumes filled a construction site at Teen Challenge in Midland leaving one man dead and two others unconscious. It happened on Friday while two contract workers were putting sealant on the floors. One of those contractors is alive thanks to two Teen Challenge employees who rushed in to save the men.

"They were passed out, we went inside," Teen Challenge Program Director, Troy Clawson, said. "We checked on one then went down to where Jeff was. We got as far as the kitchen area and were overcome by fumes."

That's the last thing the Teen Challenge Program Director remembers before waking up next to emergency responders. Troy Clawson and another Teen Challenge employee rushed into the new women's center hoping to save the workers.

"I really wasn't thinking," Clawson said. "I saw that they were in trouble. Brad and I went in just to see what we could do."

They found the company owner, 46-year-old Bill Donald Weeks dead. They pulled the other worker, 40-year-old Jeffrey Thomas Wylie, out of the building. But only Brad could make it out and he dialed 911.

"We just reacted," Clawson said. "I'm glad Jeff is ok and I wish we could have gotten there earlier."

Out of 16 windows on the building,  we're told the "Cross Crete Concrete" owner only kept one window open while they applied the sealant.

"The fire department stayed out here until 2:00 in the morning making sure all the fumes were out and everything was safe," Clawson told NewsWest 9.

Teen Challenge is a faith-based organization counseling men and women struggling with addictions, and Monday, they held a memorial service.

"It's hard to pick up the pieces and keep moving on because you want to have a time to heal," Clawson said. "It makes you think that you've got to keep going forward."

County officials told NewsWest 9 this is being handled as an accidental death. On Tuesday, OSHA and the Fire Marshal are coming out to finish up their investigation. They hope to have the autopsy results in the next couple of weeks.