Father and Son Victims of Shooting in Ector County

Santiago Lara Jimenez
Santiago Lara Jimenez

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Ector County Sheriff's Officials are still looking for answers after a weekend shooting in West Odessa.

In the aftermath, one man is dead, another in the hospital and the suspected gunman is behind bars.

Most of the neighbors NewsWest 9 spoke to didn't want to go on camera, but every one of them agreed on one thing.

They didn't really know any of the people involved in the shooting.

68-year-old Santiago Jimenez sits in the Ector County Jail accused of killing 19-year-old Ernest Gilbert Byer Jr. and shooting his father.

On Sunday night, sheriff's deputies were called out to the 12800 block of west Maria Drive in West Odessa.

When they arrived, they found Ernest Byer Jr. dead in front of his mobile home and his father shot inside a vehicle.

Earlier in the week, neighbors say they heard a lot of commotion coming from the area where the shootings occurred.

"It seemed like they were arguing and there was some slamming going on.  I didn't see nothing.  I didn't hear nothing.  We just heard the slamming and yelling.  That was last Thursday," One Neighbor told NewsWest 9.

"I just knew of him because he would always walk by.  He was calm, quiet.  Sometimes singing, or talking on his cell phone," Matha Holguin, who knew the shooting victim, said.

Jimenez is in custody on a $750,000 bond.

Ernest Byer Sr. remains at Medical Center Hospital at this time.

The Ector County Sheriff's Department is trying to figure out what led to the deadly shooting.