New Evidence Appears in the Case Against Yolanda Madden

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa woman may be headed back to prison after the FBI uncovered new evidence in her case. A federal judge granted Yolanda Madden a new trial back in December, but court documents appear to contradict her defense.

Yolanda Madden was sent to prison back in 2005 for selling drugs to an undercover Odessa police officer, Detective Gregory Travland. She claims she was set up by the police and has proof. 

Federal judge Robert Junell ordered a new trial after it was discovered that a booking sheet was not admitted by prosecutors back in 2005. 

Madden claims the whited-out sheet calls into question the testimony of a former Odessa Police Department officer.

But Assistant U.S. Attorney John Klassen recently filed a motion with new evidence. The F.B.I. has examined that booking sheet and found a different officer's name below the white-out. Still, Madden's family is standing by her and says the papers won't hold up in court.

"This is the stuff the prosecutor is putting out? You've got to be kidding me," Yolanda's Father, Raymond Madden, said. "If you look at the original document, even a novice can see that Travland's name was under there. Travland testified in court that his name was there. This certainly doesn't prove he was telling the truth if he said it was his name under there and it wasn't his name. He must have been lying in court."

Klassen also submitted another significant piece of evidence - an audio-taped recording during Madden's arrest in which she told the officer she is addicted to methamphetamine and that she sells the drug.

Her father also told NewsWest 9 that taped conversation is out of context and she was referring to her past drug addiction.

A hearing has been set for Tuesday, March 23rd to look at all of this evidence.