New Information on the Man Accused of Shooting a Reeves Co. Deputy

Deputy Jerry Millan
Deputy Jerry Millan
Michael Douglas Hickey
Michael Douglas Hickey

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY--Michael Douglas Hickey, was a quiet man who lived in the Pecos trailer park for years.  Captain Reno Lewis tells NewsWest 9, Deputy Jerry Millan was simply doing his job when he was shot at Hickey's front door.

Captain Lewis says, Hickey had a few misdemeanors on his record and kept to himself.  He was last in the Reeves County Jail in 2008.

"We have no idea why he did it.  The only thing he told the officer was, 'I'm not going'.  He pulled out a gun and shot him.  Basically he was a loner.  We never did have any trouble out of him," Lewis said.

The area where the shooting happened is in the middle of a public park.  There is a swimming pool on one side and a zoo just behind it.  It's not the type of place you would expect to hear about an officer involved shooting.

Evelyn Kahlaher and her husband manage the trailer park where Hickey lived.  Still stunned over the events, Kahlaher tells NewsWest 9, Hickey had been AWOL for quite some time.

"This is a shock.  He's been missing, as far as we were concerned, since about Christmas time.  I don't know where he went, but he left.  Tom said he owed us money for rent but we never did see him," Kahlaher commented.

She confirms that Hickey was a loner, staying close to his trailer.  She talked to him on the rare occasions when he would come by her house to drop off rent checks.

"Most of the time he would stay around there.  He spent a lot of time watering his lawn and stuff like that," Kahlaher explained.

Word of the shooting spread fast, especially since things like this don't happen often, in Pecos.

B. J. Crandall works around the trailer park and heard the gunshots

"It's unusual.  From what I understand, from the people in town, it's been about nine years since something like this transpired around here," Crandall said.

According to Kahlaher, even Hickey's closest neighbors are still trying to take it all in, "One of his close neighbors said (Wednesday) night, she couldn't quite believe he would do that, but you never know what people will do."