One More Hold Up in Upton County

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

UPTON COUNTY - More than 600 votes are still in question in Upton County thanks to a computer glitch.

Now, exactly one week after the primary election, the county has run into another obstacle in their efforts to recount the votes.

A week after the March 2 primary elections campaign signs still litter the streets in Upton County.

They're a daily reminder that there's still no accurate tally of the votes.

"It looks like the discrepancy was noticed the morning of March 3," Upton County Attorney Melanie Spratt-Anderson said. "That more votes had been counted by the main computer than there were individual voter signatures."

The county attorney says she didn't realize they needed a court order to re-tally the votes until Tuesday morning.

She tried all day to prepare a petition, but in this case, the letter of the law was working against her.

"There are provisions in the election code to easily recount paper ballots but there is not a specific provision to recount electronic ballots," Spratt-Anderson said. "It's kind of like the election code has not quite caught up with the electronic voting."

Some candidates in Upton County don't think the machines are the only problem, they're also blaming County Clerk Lawanda McMurray.

Janet Lindsey ran against McMurray and told NewsWest 9 off camera she plans to ask for a manual recount after canvassing begins on March 11.

But the county attorney insists there was no foul play.

"There has been no evidence of foul play, fraud or anything like that," she said. "It's only been electronic error in the main computer."

She hopes her petition will be approved and the votes can be re-tallied Wednesday.

"I plan on staying up here finishing my petition and having it filed first thing in the morning," she said.

But it doesn't look like the issue will be laid to rest any time soon.