Big Spring Holds Energy Summit

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Changes and challenges in the energy industry. That's the topic of discussion at the West Texas Energy Summit in Big Spring. Here in West Texas, the oil and gas industry is the driving force behind our economy.

On Tuesday, legislators and members of those industries had serious talks about the future and what they need to do to survive.

"We want to learn here are some of the things we need to be aware of or cautionary things we need to look at and things we need to make sure Texas stays viable and strong financially," District 85 Representative Joe Hefflin, said.

Coal, wind, oil, natural gas, when it comes to energy resources, the future is rapidly changing.

So it's important that state legislators and members of the industry keep up.

"Definitely climate change in Washington DC right now and something in Texas we need to be very aware of and speak to our members of Congress and make sure they are a supporting state. Its a very tough atmosphere of for the State of Texas in Washington DC right now," District 60 Representative Jim Keffer, said.

And what happens in Washington has a direct effect on West Texas especially in Big Spring.

"Lot of major produce is here. We have Alon refinery, we are near other things like coal plant in Odessa and Sweetwater. Big Spring is central, we just thought it was very important to have a meeting here in Big Spring," Hefflin said.

Despite the constant winds of change and the challenges ahead, Texas legislators are optimistic about what the industry has to offer.

"I think in the future of our industry in Texas is good. One of the benefits hopefully we will provide citizens with energy at a lower cost," Hefflin said.

Legislators and industry members say this is only one of many energy summits to come to the area.