City Council Members Vote to Shut Down Culver Drive

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The battle between Midland Christian School and long time residents on Culver Drive is officially over.

After nearly four hours of debating, the Midland City Council voted to shut down parts of Culver Drive in order for the school to move forward on their expansion plans.

"We spent hours of time meeting with neighbors. I think there's a frame work we need to do to work with them, now we know that we have to have better communication with them and include them in our process," School Board Member, Alan Brown said.

Although the decision to shut down parts of Culver Drive didn't sit well with some residents, they say they're just pleased to be given a chance to voice their opinion.

"It was a hard battle fought and all sides were heard and we appreciate that. We were all considered in the decision and we're happy to be part of the process," Resident, Clayton Hooper said.

The City Council ordered Culver Drive to be shut down on June 1, 2011.

Midland Christian then has until December of 2011 to have a building permit for the parking lot. In June 2014, a building permit for the new campus must be obtained; if not then Culver Drive reverts back to the City of Midland.

"I feel overall it was a positive development to get to know our neighbors and work a situation out," Brown said.

"There's really nothing more to be unhappy about. As long as we were heard, that's all that matters. Those who are unhappy will get adjusted," Hooper said.

Midland Christian School can begin construction on their new parking lot as early as June of next year.