Big Spring City Council Approves the Issuance of Bonds for New Aquatic Center

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - New details on the disputed pool project in Big Spring.

On Monday night, the City Council voted unanimously to issue the bonds that will pay for the project.

A certificate of obligation is like a municipal bond, but it doesn't require voter approval which means the City Council can move forward on its own. 

That's what got the city sued earlier this year. 

The Concerned Citizen's Council of Big Spring wants residents to have a say on the funding of the new pool since it's so expensive.

Now, the group wonders why the city is continuing with the pool when their lawsuit hasn't been resolved. 

"It's rather irresponsible of the city to try to issue these bonds right now when they don't know whether they have the money to pay for them or not.  If the lawsuit is successful and rollback is successful, they will have to issue refund checks," Shannon Thomason, with the Big Spring Concerned Citizens Council, said.

The Big Spring City Attorney said the lawsuit is unrelated to the building of the pool.