Election Troubles in Upton County

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

UPTON COUNTY - Some voters in Upton County say they want answers and they're pointing to some big mistakes in Tuesday's primary elections.

Some claim 600 votes are in question.

Around voting season there's a push to get as high a turnout as possible, but folks in Upton County say the turnout to this election was just too good to be true.

NewsWest 9 talked with Larry Freehill, who is one of many claiming problems with Tuesday's election.

They say the problem is the numbers, which show a hundred percent turnout in some precincts.

Freehill himself says he didn't expect to win a county commissioner seat, but still wants to know why the numbers are so high.

"Well the numbers didn't seem to add up," Freehill said. "Again I'll say in a county that only has a little over 3,000 people for the judge alone there were approximately 1,900 votes. So you're talking about 67 percent of the people in the county were registered and actually voted - which is phenomenal."

County clerk LaWanda McMurray told NewsWest 9, a glitch in the county's computer software caused the problem.

She says a representative from the company who provides the software is scheduled to fix it sometime next week, but others think foul pay may be involved.

Rick Ferguson, a candidate for county judge, says he and other candidates want to know why the County Clerk was allowed to oversee the elections even though she was a candidate.

McMurray says there was no foul play involved, but Ferguson and his group say they still plan to file a complaint with the Secretary of State and hope it will lead to a full investigation.