Big Spring Schools in Desperate Need of Repair

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Falling apart at the seams, several Big Spring Schools are in desperate need of repair. Everything from leaky roofs to cracks in the walls are causing issues for Big Spring ISD.

Two of the seven schools included in a 60-million dollar bond proposal have the worst damage.

After seeing the issues first hand, it didn't take long to realize why the district is asking for help.

"It's pretty sad, never gone into a building when you go inside, you are outside," Washington Elementary Principal, Oscar Aguero, said.

Washington Elementary is now 60-years-old and it shows.

"Cant do a lot of changes. If you fix, you have to fix everything, which costs the district more money to repair building then to build a brand new one," Aguero said.

That's exactly what will happen if voters approve a 60 million dollar bond.

Whether it's dealing with bad pipes, leaky roofs or potential safety issues, Principal Oscar Aguero says a new school is the answer.

"We have a wire fence that says this is going to protect our children. The things that happen in our world today, it's not going to stop someone determined to get into he building," Aguero said.

Another problem is how the campus is laid out, it's an open air building.

"It's hard from keeping the kids from not getting sick," Aguero said.

Marcy Elementary students are also having to deal with some issues.

"When we are switching and it's raining, they get wet, and sometimes we have to put them in the hallways because the water runs deep outside," Marcy Elementary School Principal, Brenda Dunlap, said.

Dunlap also said they're dealing with infrastructure problems.

"We spend probably more time repairing it. If we don't have these issues to attend to at all, we have more time for academics and learning," Dunlap said.

The bond goes to the voters in May.

If approved, both Washington and Marcy Elementary will be rebuilt on their existing sites.