MISD Posts Sex Education Survey Online to Help Improve Programs In Schools

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland school officials say there are well over 100 girls pregnant in the district. Now the Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) members are stepping in to try, and significantly reduce those numbers.

"I have two boys in junior high and I know 3 of their classmates are pregnant. I guess I'm not shocked," Local Parent, Molly Clark, said.

Hearing about teen pregnancy doesn't seem to come at a big surprise for some parents.

"We've seen an increasing number of student pregnancies and it's not good, currently there are 133 girls pregnant in school and that number goes up after school breaks and prom," SHAC Chairman, David Rosen, said.

Rosen is the Chairman of the Student Health Advisory Council and he says the high number of students who are pregnant show signs that changes need to be made, and that abstinence only programs aren't working.

"MISD doesn't have a sex ed program and by state is has to have abstinence only programs; that's not working," Rosen said.
That's when Rosen decided to come up with a survey for parents posted on the MISD web site in order to figure out how to bring those statistics down, and some parents agree that abstinence only programs don't necessarily work.

"I'm thinking with 130 girls pregnant, then maybe I need to be more vocal with my granddaughter. Abstinence is not working. I hope Midland wakes up and realizes it," Local Grandparent, Barbara Maddaford, said.

"I don't think that works. We need a reality check, kids are doing things we weren't doing at that age," Clark said.

So far about 300 parents have filled out the online survey expressing their thoughts on sex education.