Explosion Victim's Family and Friends Speak to NewsWest 9

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

The Northwest Insulation company in Odessa is the contractor working with the Navajo Refinery, where two local men were killed in an explosion. Both of the victims worked for the group and traveled all across the U.S. installing insulation inside refinery tanks. NewsWest 9 spoke with company executives on Wednesday, they said their thoughts and prayers are with the families and that this tragedy has been heart-breaking for the coworkers. Northwest Insulation also said this is not their first time installing insulation for the Navajo Refinery - it's one of about 9 similar projects.

NewsWest 9 was not able to reach Natividad Andajo's family, but we had the chance to sit down with Victor Villa's family. They said, right now, it's just too hard to talk on-camera, but family and friends say Victor was a hard-worker who loved his family and loved life.

"They are having a horrible, horrible time right now," Mike Borland, a Villa Family Friend, said. "They are so distraught, first of all because they don't know whether it's their father, husband who is being examined in Albuquerque or whether he was in that exploded tank. They're just distraught."

NewsWest 9 learned from the family, who visited the refinery on Wednesday, that OSHA has taken over the site.

Authorities found hydro-carbon inside the tank that should have only been filled with water and it may take as many as 4 to 5 days to uncover the body. 

At this point, the other two victims of the explosion are in critical condition in a Lubbock hospital.

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow the updates.