More Women Signing Up For Handgun Classes

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - While some women take classes like yoga to relax and find their calm, other ladies NewsWest 9 spoke with are turning to something a little more hardcore.  They say they're doing it primarily for their own protection.

"I frequently travel a lot for work in remote places, and it's a safety issue being in those areas," gun owner, Sue Ferguson, said.

More women are picking up handguns and learning the basic skills needed for protection. Lately, local ladies are signing up for basic hand gun classes.

"We have women who are active in church, nurses, and even stay at home moms. Last week, I had a class of 10 and 4 of them were women," Firearms Instructor, Tom Vannaman, said.

Sue Ferguson says she never imagined owning a gun but after her first initial fire she knew that taking hand gun classes was something she really needed to do.

"As you take the course and learn the proper way to handle guns it builds confidence and you begin to get more comfortable with it and feel safer," Ferguson said.

"If people want to protect themselves, they have to do something. Ladies are extremely good with handling guns, they do it very well," Vannaman said.

For many women pulling the trigger is becoming more common.

"I think it's great, I think many women should learn how to use it even if it is just to how to hold a gun," Ferguson said.

The handgun instructor NewsWest 9 spoke to says anyone who owns a gun at home should always practice safety procedures when handling a weapon, especially if young children are around.