West Texas Voters Hit the Polls

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

With record numbers of voters turning out across the Basin, NewsWest 9 wanted to find out why so many people felt they had to hit the polls. NewsWest 9 stopped by several polling places across our area on Tuesday night and found dozens of people pouring in who wanted to make sure they had a chance to speak out in an election, they say, is crucial.

"I have a place over in Andrews and I had to go feed, so I had to hurry back over here to where I could make it," Voter, Johnnie Holder, said. "I hope there's a good turnout."

They raced to the polls ready to mark up the ballots.

"It's a privilege to vote," Voter, Lavetta Pierce, said. "Some countries don't have that privilege and I feel like if I don't vote I should keep my mouth shut about if I don't like what's going on."

"We all need to make a difference and you can't really say anything if you don't vote, right?" Odessa Voter, Victor Martinez, said.

"I tell my kids, if you don't vote, you can't complain," Voter Christopher Frederick, said. "If I gripe, it's because I voted."

But while the gubernatorial election may be the most high profile many people NewsWest 9 spoke to said they were more interested in the issues.

"The propositions they're doing right now are very important," Odessa Voter, Diana Martinez, said. "We need to get God back into our schools. They're not turning out too well right now and I think if we get God back into everything, we'll be good!"

"I was surprised there was a vote on whether you think God should be mentioned in public schools or that the Ten Commandments should be in public schools," Voter, David Floyd, said. "I thought that was good. I haven't seen that in past elections."

"For me, as a teacher with Governor Perry - I want my voice heard for him because he's helping us right now," Frederick said. "I'm worried about that stimulus package other states took and we didn't."

And if the crowded parking lot is any indication these primaries have stirred up a passion.

"With the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) parties and everything, people are up in arms," Martinez said. "A lot of people aren't happy with the government right now and I think they're ready for a change."

"We need good people up there to run our state," Holder said. "That's our right to get out there and vote for them and we need to get out there and do it."

Several of the people NewsWest 9 spoke with said part of the reason they voted on Tuesday was because of the U.S. Representative Conaway's election. Because he's from our area, many voters wanted to make sure he continues representing West Texas.