Big Spring ISD Calls for May Bond

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring School Board is asking taxpayers to dig a little deeper into their wallets. It's all for some major work at their schools as the board needs 60 million dollars to construct or upgrade their buildings. So on Thursday night, they voted to put a bond on the ballot.

"Our facilities are not fixable. We need to do something, we need the community to help us do that," Big Spring Superintendent, Steven Saldivar, said.

In fact, Saldivar said it's costing the district more money to maintain the old facilities.

"We spend 50 percent above state average on maintenance, so actuality we are working very hard to maintain what we have, because we have old buildings and they are not safe," Saldivar said.

If passed, the 60 million dollar bond will pay for three elementary schools, along with major upgrades at four other schools, but the board knows it won't be easy convincing the public.

"We want to plan town meeting, go to civic clubs, and of course anytime anyone has a question, they are free to come and ask," Saldivar said.

Bottom line, the average taxpayer with a house worth $42,000 will pay 70 dollars in additional taxes a year.

It's an idea that isn't sitting well with everyone.

"No, I actually think it should go towards teachers. If there should be any money given it should be for them for all they do," one Big Spring resident, said.

But people who support the bond say the schools are in a dire situation.

"Old buildings need to be replaced. After all, doing this for the kids and how long do they have to suffer in an old building? We really need to pass this bond," another resident said.

Two years ago, a 34 million dollar bond was shot down by voters.

The new bond will go up for a vote in May.