Repair Costs Too High for Pecos Senior Center

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PECOS - The price tag to fix the senior center in Pecos is just too high.

Engineers told the City Council on Thursday night, it needs serious work to the tune of one and a half million dollars.

After city budget cuts, Pecos leaders say that's just too much cash.

Senior citizens are just hoping to find a spot to settle into.

"They would like to be situated. They would like to be in the building they were at especially at their location and I understand that because none of us like change," Pecos Mayor, Richard Alligood, said.

The council plans to meet with the seniors and come up with a plan.

They're hoping to either buy an already existing building in town or share the cost of building a new one with a state agency.

In the meantime, Pecos seniors will use a recently renovated facility next to City Hall.