Midland Memorial Hospital Breaks Ground on New Patient Tower

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--More than $170 million in equipment and construction costs will take Midland Memorial Hospital to the next level in patient care.

Midland Memorial officials say all the new additions coming in with the new tower will only enhance the already high level of patient care they provide.

Plans for the new 9 floor facility started a little over two years ago.  Midland County residents were asked to vote on a $100 million bond  to pay for the new wing.

Even with wide concern over the amount of the bond, voters gave the project their okay.

Rosalind Redfern-Grover, the Chairman of Campaign for Tomorrow, was born in Midland.  She says she knows Tall City residents are smart people and they're going to make an investment in health care.

"Everybody says you cant do $100 million bond. Not true. Midlanders will do it if they know what they're voting for.  When the doors of that emergency room burst open and it's you on the gurney, how good do we have to be?  Everybody said, 'pretty good.'  So that's what we voted for," Rosalind said.

$60 million from private philanthropy was also raised.  That's something Redfern-Grover says, can't be done anywhere in the state of Texas or in the nation.

For now, the top two floors will remain empty, giving the hospital the option to expand in the future if needed.  Construction on the new patient tower is expected to last about two years.