Midland County Residents Trying To Fix Pothole Mess On Their Own

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A pothole problem is driving dozens of Midland County drivers crazy. They told NewsWest 9 Friday no one's taking responsibility for the road. Now they're being forced to come up with the cash to fix it.

"It's very ugly. You mess up your cars. It hits the bottom of the cars. It makes big holes. I mean, you can't pass through there. You have to find a way through," Suesana Gutierrez, a concerned neighbor, explained.

Driving through rough county roads is something West Texans are used to, but navigating part of South County Road 1195 near West County Road 130 in Midland County is bad. Really bad.

"It gets worse every time. Every year," Gutierrez said. "Every time it rains it gets a lot worse."

Gutierrez knows the roads and pitfalls pretty well. She's lived in the neighborhood near County Road 130 for almost 10 years. On Friday, long time neighbors gathered to talk about what they can do to fix or fill the numerous potholes.

"Right now, at this point, they need up to 28,000 dollars to do the work," Teresa Ramirez, another concerned resident, said.

Ramirez is helping to organize neighbors to pay for the road work themselves. The county road is technically private property, but some say right now no one legally owns the land. With no help from city or county, many feel like they're left on their own, trying to get enough money to fix the only road bringing their children home from school.

"I mean, we can try, but not everybody out here has the money to do that, you know," Gutierrez added.

"We are going to have to do it slowly but surely on our own, and hopefully the county doesn't want to take over after we do whatever we have to do," Ramirez explained.

While nothing is likely to change anytime soon, the neighbors will continue to meet and at least plan to make things better.

"I know we can do it on our own. With the people that we have back here," Ramirez said. "I think we can do it."