Gun Scare Causes Odessa Elementary School to Shelter in Place

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A gun scare forces an Odessa school to lock their doors after students reported seeing a man with the weapon.

The incident happened at Cavazos Elementary in West Odessa during a P.E. class.

According to school officials, some students saw a man jogging east along 16th when he flashed a gun and kept on jogging.

After the kids told a teacher, all of them were taken inside.

The doors were locked and ECISD police were called.

No one was allowed in or out of the building while officers and Ector County deputies searched for the suspect.

They never did find the man with the gun.

The campus was locked up for about an hour and police stuck around until school let out for the day.

School officials say the staff and students were safe the whole time.