Pecos Athletic Director and Coach Reassigned

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Chris Henson has been the athletic director and football coach for Pecos High for 4 years, but after Wednesday's announcement that's no longer the case.
According to Coach Henson, he was called in at around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon only to find out that the new superintendent Santos Lujan was going to reassign him away from his title as Athletic Director and Coach. 

Henson says he was offered an administrative position instead, but has decided to turn it down and explore his options. Henson says he's shocked with the way things are coming to an end.

NewsWest 9 also spoke to the superintendent and he said that the only reason Henson was re-assigned was because he wanted to make some changes in the athletic department. 

Several parents have already contacted NewsWest 9, and they say they are outraged by these changes.

Parents and students will be protesting the decision on Friday morning.