Midland Police Make Arrest in Connection with Real Estate Scam

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Police have made an arrest in connection with a real estate scam and they're close to making a second one. Detectives with the White Collar Division say they're relieved to see this complicated case coming to an end.

"Some of them are really behind on their payments now. They thought it was being paid for but now they're in a very bad situation financially at this time," Sgt. Alfredo Grimaldo said.

After falling victim to a real estate scam, at least four homeowners are dealing with the repercussions, facing possible foreclosures. It all started after two individuals with Vanguard Properties allegedly purchased several homes under false pretences.

"They were going to take over payments and get the mortgage payments back on track and basically get them off the hook, but instead they were reselling them and renting them out, but not making any payments, just pocketing the money," Sgt. Grimaldo said.

Midland Police arrested 33-year-old Jason Heath Morrison and he has been charged with a felony.

"Some of it is a total of $10,000 and others depend on how much they owe on mortgage. My advice to others is to read all of the fine print and make sure it's a reputable company you're selling your house to," Sgt. Grimaldo said.

Midland Police are still looking for Marcus Rosenberg. If you have any information on where he might be, you're asked to call Midland Police. 

If you feel you were a victim in this fraud case involving Vanguard Properties, police are asking you to file a report.