New Surveillance Cameras Installed in Hobbs Parks

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - New surveillance camera's are giving Hobbs police a leg up when it comes to preventing crime in neighborhood parks.

"It will start following people based upon movement and it's always recording, so it's nice for cops to use for probable cause when they make arrests," Emergency Dispatcher, Margaret Hathcox, said.

Several surveillance cameras have been installed throughout major parks in Hobbs. Emergency dispatchers say it's already proven to be a successful tool with making arrests.

"We've seen a couple of minors smoking marijuana and breaking into cars and suspicious activity. We've made several arrests already," Hathcox said.

Dispatchers say the great thing about these cameras is that they can zoom in at any angle at the park and can get a close up for a description on a person's face.

"It also has gun shot recognition, so if a gun shot goes off it follows where the shot was made and puts it on Google Earth for us," Hathcox said.
That's why the city thinks the technology is worth the $500,000 spent, and most residents say they like the idea of law enforcement keeping a look out for the safety of others 24/7.

"It makes us feel safe especially mothers who have their kids playing around at parks all the time," Vanessa Ramirez said.