Midland Man Believes Chupacabra Killed Three of His Goats

By David Marino
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A mystery in Midland County after three goats are killed in one week and the man who owns them wants to know what's killing his animals. He believes it could be the mythical chupacabra.

The legend of the chupacabra lives on in Midland.

Daniel Hernandez raises goats on his property in Midland County.

But after three of them were killed in one week, he started wondering what was going on.

Hernandez says the way that his animals died is a mystery.

He says each of the goats had bite marks on their necks and it looked like something was sucking the blood out of them.

Hernandez doesn't believe a dog or coyote is responsible.

He says he's never believed in the chupacabra until now.

Hernandez said the animal's deaths cost him about $300.

He did contact the Sheriff's Department to report what happened, as they're urging anyone whose animals are killed to contact Animal Control.

Of course, we'll let you know what happens, especially if Hernandez catches the culprit on camera.