Deportation Program Put on Hold After Successful Results

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - A program to deport illegal immigrants back to Mexico through Presidio has been put on hold, all because it was so successful.

The alien transfer and exit program ended at the first of the year after running for 60 days.

The Border Patrol says there simply were not enough people to fill the buses that transport illegal immigrants in southern Arizona to the presidio check point.

Officials say that means the program worked and very few of the 3400 people sent back to Mexico, re-entered into the United States, and none of them came back through the Marfa sector of West Texas.

Each day, 94 illegal immigrants would cross the bridge in Marfa back into Mexico where they would be met by Mexican officials who would help them get back to their hometowns.

The immigrants were sent back here and not in southern Arizona to help ensure they would not re-enter the country.

The Border Patrol tells NewsWest 9, they will restart the program at a later date if there is a need.