Attacks From Dogs, Coyotes Sparks Investigation In Lea County

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

LEA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO - A rash of attacks from packs of coyotes and dogs has Lea County officials sending out a warning. They are asking you to keep a close watch over your livestock. The wild animals appear to be moving closer and closer to towns looking for food.

Some residents who live in Lea County told NewsWest 9 the danger can come from separate packs of coyotes, dogs, or a mix of both. On Friday, NewsWest 9 took a closer look at several horses just north of Hobbs who were attacked by wild dogs in November. The owner, Kim Jones, said she spotted the dogs on her property after the sun went down. However, by the time she came to her horses rescue, two of them were mauled, and two died as a result of the attack. Jones said the pictures of the horses shows the damage must have been a result of several big dogs.

In addition, officials with both the Sheriff's Department and Environmental Services said they are investigating a jump in the number of coyotes. Because it is cold outside, and because of the jump in population, they said more coyotes are moving closer to residential areas (like near Hobbs) looking for food.

If you discover your livestock under attack (or attacked) by wild animals, you are urged to contact the Lea County Sheriff's Office. Even if you discover the attacks after they occur, officials are asking you to let them know anyway, so they can note where and when attacks are happening as part of their investigation.