New Underage Drinking PSA Aimed At Parents

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A new and unique ad campaign aimed at tackling underage drinking is about to hit the airwaves, but instead of targeting teens, these public service announcements are placing the responsibility on parents.

The image of an 8-year-old boy sitting in an alcoholics anonymous meeting sends out a powerful message.

"It's strictly for parents because ignorance can't be an excuse anymore. If alcohol is available at home, they're putting the risk on their kids," PDAP Manager, Kasey Folse said.

Stop DWI and the Palmer Drug Abuse Program teamed up to make the new public service announcements, and their goal is a simple one.         
"Parents need to know that it's not their advantage to host alcohol parties. They simply can't do it. There is a $4,000 fine, they need to be made aware of the dangers," Stop DWI Official, Pyllis Peek, said.

Officials say being aware of the dangers can make a difference in the future.    
"A lot of elementary kids see their brother and sisters, drinking makes them think it's alright," Peek said.

The new PSA's are set to air around April or May during prom and graduation time. 

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