Prosecution Rests in Winkler County Nurse Trial

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The prosecution rested on Wednesday in the trial of a former Winkler County nurse accused of sharing private patient information.       

Anne Mitchell sent the medical records to the Texas Medical Board to allegedly harass doctor Rolando Arafiles.

A total of seven people took the stand including two patients.      

Defense Attorney John Cook called his first witness around three o'clock in front of a packed court room. 

Many in attendance were wearing pink ribbons in support of Anne Mitchell and many of those, nursing students at Odessa College worried about the impact this trial could have on the people in the nursing profession.

"First of all, how we're perceived in the public and second, how the lack of information about the nurse practice act and what obligation we have to the public, to keeping the public safe," LVN Program Director, Cynthia Hill, said.

This case is also gaining national attention from an article in the New York Times on Sunday to calls to our NewsWest Nine Newsroom from "Inside Edition." 

The trial continues on Thursday in Andrews County.