Midland SPCA Sends Out Call for Help

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Big problems for the Midland SPCA after months of struggling to make ends meet - the shelter says they're running out of money and may have to close their doors.

Now the shelter says it will only survive if West Texans come to the rescue, and on Tuesday the shelter sent out a distress call in hopes that citizens would answer.

After 60 years of service, the last hope for the Permian Basin's unwanted dogs, cats and even a peacock may disappear.

"If we don't get some major help, I'm pretty sure it would be by the end of the month that we wouldn't have money to pay the bills," Midland SPCA Director, Karen Junker, said. "So, we're asking for financial help whether it be dog food or monetary funds."

$12,000- that's how much the no-kill shelter needs each month, but right now they only have about a quarter of that.

The problem is private donations aren't coming in.

"It just started this month that's how we realized how low we were," Adoption Counselor, Casondra Acosta, said. "Of course right now the President of the Midland SPCA is pretty much covering everything."

On top of that, more animals need help, but less people are adopting.

"Since I've worked here, they dropped a lot, used to do one or two a week," Junker said. "Now sometimes it's none."

Junker fears for the future if nothing changes.

"If we were to close down, which hopefully won't happen, (the animals) would be dispersed among the other organizations I'm sure," Junker said. "The main thing that we're worried about is because we're the only facility that runs a full service. We do spay and neuter twice a week, we do a low cost shot clinic. So I think it would really hurt the community if we were not here."

So, less affordable vet care, possibly more animal deaths and over population. In a nutshell, that could be bad news for everyone.

To make a donation you can call the Midland SPCA at 432-684-7582 or go to www.midlandspca.net.